Digital Marketing Course – First experiential program in India


Digital Marketing has redesigned the thought and process of traditional Marketing. With the boom of Internet, the world of advertising and marketing has taken a major turn towards Digital Marketing. As people use digital devices instead of visiting physical shops, digital marketing is being persistently incorporated into marketing plans and day to day life.

Why Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the fastest growing segment with in marketing.

India’s First Experiential Program- Digital Marketing with IMS Proschool.

IMS Proschool introduces India’s first experiential learning program in Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Experts- The Scope.

In the past few years the job opportunities for skilled Digital Marketing Experts has increased drastically as the medium of marketing and branding has shifted to the Digital World. This major shift has opened up the portal for many, looking to establish their career in the field of Digital Marketing. From Individuals to Corporates,’ are driven by the craze to exist and flourish in the online medium as it gives them prospective clients and business. A well trained and skilled individual can find opportunities waiting as: